The financial world can be daunting. Towering buildings in the sky dwarf any passerby and corporate giants dominate news channels at all times. These 'masters of the universe' (although as of recent standards this is very much arguable) control the flow of money around the world, and although money itself may not completely make the world go round, it certainly does help. The reason I'm interested in gaining a Financial Career is twofold: Firstly I've always been interested in 'the bigger system'. Secondly, a probable unhealthy appetite for wealth.

In order to gain a Financial Career, from what I know already one must be able to check the majority of these factors off -

1. Consistent good grades
2. Attend a good University
3. Work experience/internship
4. Pass relevant interviews

Financial Career itself then aims to provide information to succeed in these factors. Combined with this, it also aims to motivate us (the authors) to conduct research in order for us to learn ourselves. Of these 4 attributes, I think the key still ( in contrast to modern opinions) lies in gaining work experience/internships. Our current goal is to prepare for 2009 internship applications which includes the following -

1. Investigate likely application questions
2. Prepare successful answers
3. Understand the application procedure fully
4. Apply very early

To give ourselves an edge over the high levels of competition we will need to have confidence in our financial knowledge:

1. How the finance system works
- Different components
- Key players
- Macro factors
- Risk
- Insurance
- Strategies

2. Technical vocabulary

3. Company information
- Names
- Services/Industry
- Location/People
- History
- Future trends

4. Financial history
- How the system came into existence
- Future trends

5. Other
- Attitudes
- Beliefs
- Lifestyle
- Individual motives
- Psychology

We will continue to expand on these factors throughout the coming months within this 'Training' blog. Recommended books, podcasts, websites, seminars and courses will we noted alongside anything else we deem to be of comparative advantage. If you have any suggestions, please use our contact form and we'll be happy to investigate further. So on that bull point, we leave it there.

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